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About This Community

I always thought GIFs were fun, but they can be hard to find sometimes when you're looking for a specific genre. Sci-fi Gifs is a community for you to share/request GIFs from the sci-fi genre. Pretty much anything goes! The rules are in the profile, so be sure to read them before posting!

This post is basically just a welcome! kind of post. Also, I made some promotional banners for you to pimp the community. Once we have enough members, I have plans to make this a really cool community. Maybe we'll have weekly challenges, or bi-weekly challenges since it takes a bit longer to make GIFs.

Every Monday I'm going to make a request post, so that people who don't know how to make GIFs can still get them :) If a request remains unfulfilled, I'll carry it on to the request post the next week.

So far the only promo banners I have are these ones:

Just copy + paste the codes while in HTML mode when updating your journal :)

If you want to make some from other television shows/actors/movies, that would be SOOO awesome.

Tags: !mod post, !mod post: welcome, !type: promotional banners

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