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scifi_gifs's Journal

Sci-fi GIFs
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GIFs/animations related to Sci-fi

1) ANYONE can post any GIFs/animations/animated icons/mood themes/etc. about ANYTHING related to science fiction. Actors, interviews, behind the scenes, television episodes, movie scenes... anything! :D:D:D
2) When posting, please put all images behind a cut or provide a link to them in your post. The only time an image does NOT need to be behind a cut is if it is a preview image. Limit your preview area to either one 300x300 GIF or three 100x100 animated icons that fit LJ standards.
3) Do NOT tag your posts. One of the moderators will do this for you to make sure everything is uniform and easy to find :)
4) Nudity is okay, but do NOT post a GIF containing nudity as your preview image. Also, if your post contains nudity, please include a warning when linking to your journal in order to respect members who do not wish to see it.

5) This isn't necessarily a rule, but more of a suggestion to make it easier for the mods: please list which shows/movies/etc. are in your post so we can properly tag the post. If we've never seen the show you made GIFs of, we won't know how to tag it ;)
6) Please be considerate of spoilers. When posting GIFs from a new episode of a TV show, don't include them in the preview until 2 weeks after the episode has aired. For new movies, try to only put GIFs of scenes from the trailer in your preview, but we won't be super up-tight about the movie thing. ALWAYS place a warning before your cut if you think there is any spoilery material.
7) Be nice and respectful. Don't hotlink! Always credit the maker!
8) This might sound strict, but this community is actually going to be pretty easy-going. If you mess up and miss one of these rules, don't worry about it. Mods are here to moderate :D Just don't make it a habit to forget things ;)

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How to Videos
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How to Make a GIF Using Image Ready (NOT free software)

Other Useful Links
Media Converter Dot Org Just copy and paste a youtube or other video link here and you can download it and use the video to make GIFs.